Boat Winterization

What is Boat Winterization?

Winterization means fully preparing your boat and motor for storage in cold weather. Temagami winters are harsh and we want to be sure that your boat is prepared.

Our winterization system is as follows:

  1. You are able to drop off your boat at our regular dock spaces or in our yard.
    Please inform the service department that your boat is ready for winterization.
  2. A fuel stabilizer is added to the fuel tank.
  3. Your engine is “fogged” with an anti-corrosion oil to protect internal components.
  4. We change the engine oil and filter (excluding 2 stroke outboards)
  5. Our technicians protect the cooling system with a “marine safe” antifreeze
  6. Your boat is removed from the water with our forklift and inspected fully
  7. We clean the hull, remove any algae, and apply a hull whitening agent.
  8. The gearcase lubricant is changed along with any damaged gear plug washers.
  9. We disconnect the battery to eliminate a “draw” from accessories
  10. Your boat is safely stored in one of our dry stack storage buildings until spring.

Contact the service department to schedule your boat for Winterization and storage.