Meet the Crew

We have been very fortunate in having staff that stays. We have become more then a team over the years and feel like family. Although our fall season is approaching and some of us are now gone for the winter months, Jim, Kim, Des, Marty and Denis will still be available to take care of you.

Have a wonderful winter and we shall see you all in 2016.

Service & Parts Department

Des Connelly - Parts, Accessories and Service

Des Connelly

Parts, Accessories and Service
Phone: 705-569-3221
Des has been with us since 1990 (so a long time) and he is up to date with all of the parts, accessories and new products we have coming into the store. He is an avid fisherman and with his wife, Sue they fish many bass tournaments each year.
Marty Butler - Technician

Marty Butler

Phone: 705-569-3221
Marty was with Temagami Marine for about 10 years under the ownership of Bill Kitts. He then went trucking for 9 years and returned to Temagami Marine in 2008. He is very comfortable working on any engine and is working as well as training two new technicians this summer. He is a father of 3 young children and he tries to spend as much time as he can doing things with them.
Brad Stevens - Forklift Operator/Apprentice Tech

Brad Stevens

Forklift Operator/Apprentice Tech
Brad is with us again for his second season on the forklift. He is very comfortable lifting your boats way up and into their holes. He has a good memory too remembering where they all are. He lives in Temagami with his 3 children and loves to boat and swim with them come summertime.
Eric Moline - Yard and Boat Washing

Eric Moline

Yard and Boat Washing
Eric was with us in 2016 and is back for another round this summer. He is very pleasant but shy, but he would do anything for you. You will see him around the yard helping load people, bailing boats or cleaning them. Eric came to Temagami in 2011 from Vermillion Bay with Naden Boats, but he stayed even after Naden left the area.


Denis Gendron - Sales

Denis Gendron

Phone: 705-569-3221
Denis has been with us for 3 years now and he is quite pleasant and very knowledgable. He is perfectly bilingual and can communicate in both French and English. He moved here from Sturgeon Falls when his wife, Sue was hired as a manager for the LCBO. Denis and Sue both love to fish and spend time in their Lund boat doing so on Rabbit Lake.

Top Shop

Wanda Niemi - Top Shop

Wanda Niemi

Top Shop
Wanda came to us in March of 2017 when Jim posted a job for a seamstress. Wanda always being up for a challenge said she would give it a try and well what do you know? She was a natural at it. She enjoys spending time fishing, hunting, hiking or anything outside really with her sweetie Wendall and you can pop your head into the top shop and say hi anytime.


Gloria Sanderson - Administration/Service Writer

Gloria Sanderson

Administration/Service Writer
Phone: 705-569-3221
Gloria was with Temagami Marine for a few years back in 2009-2013. She was the one you spoke with first when you called. She spent a few years in between working up in New Liskeard but we were fortunate enough to have her come back this summer. Gloria will still be answering the phones and doing up some office work but she will also be on the service desk helping in that area as well. Her husband, Jim keeps himself busy as Temagami's Fire Chief.


Jim & Kim Krech - GMs

Jim & Kim Krech

Phone: 705-569-3221
Jim and Kim were fortunate enough to purchase Temagami Marine in May 2015 and have strived to clean up the marina and fill the showrooms. So far so good. In 2017 they added Merc & Hitch to the crew and their babies come to work with them everyday.